Big Guy and Little Guy

There was this little guy sitting in a bar, drinking,
minding his own business when all of a sudden this
great big dude comes in and –WHACK!!– he knocks
him off the bar stool and says,

“That was a karate chop from Korea.””

The little guy thinks “”GEEZ”” but he gets back up on
the stool and starts drinking again when all of a sudden
–WHACK– the big dude knocks him down AGAIN and

Dumb wives

Two men are at a bar talking about how dumb their wives are. One man says to the other,”my wife is so dumb. She went out and bought a car yesterday. She doesnt even know how to drive!”” The other man says to the other

“You’re Going to Die”””

A husband, let’s call him Sam, and wife, let’s call her Judy, go to the doctor for the sake of the husband and, after the doctor has fully examined Sam, comes out to talk with Judy about Sam’s diagnosis.
“Whats the matter with my husband Doctor?”” Judy asks.
“”He has a condition that is incurable. But there is one thing you can do that may help him live longer.”” the Doctor led on.
“”I’ll do anything


Mother potato told her three children it was time to get married . So the next day she asked them who they planned to get married to, the first one replied : the prince of potato’s.”splendid said the mother.The third one said she’d get married to King Tator