The Idiot

There were three guys stuck on an island, the first guy was a African, the second was a German, and the third one was a redneck.

While swimming at the beach the African found a magical lamp and rubbed it. A jenie came out and told them three that he would grant them all one wish.

The African went first and wished to go back to Africa with his family. Then the German went second and wished to go back to germany with his family. Finally it was the rednecks turn so the jenie asked him ,” What is your wish.”” The redneck paused and started looking around and said

Blonde painter

One day this blonde was looking for work so she was knoking on all her neighbors doors asking if they needed any yard work done. She knoked on one mans door and he said sure you can pint the porch, how much do oyu think would be fair?? 50$ said the blonde and the man gave her the paint. He went inside and told his wife. “what””

Man in raincoate

A man and woman meet at a bar one rainy night. the woman says to the man, “lets get out of here and go back to my place””. while they are at the womans house inside the bedroom they hear the front door open and slam. all of a sudden the women cries out “”my husband is home