Rookie officer

A detective is mentoring a blonde rookie officer and decides to give her a challenge. So he gives her a mugshot of a suspect turned to one side and tells her to see if she can give details about the suspect just by looking at the picture. The blonde looks at the picture and immediately says, “He wears contacts.””


one day there was a blonde that would never let go of her cd player and she never toke her headphones off. but one day, she went to a barber shop to get her hair cut shorter.when she got to the barber shop, the lady told her to sit down and told her to wait at least 20 minutes because she had to finish with another customer. after 20 minutes it was her turn, so the lady asked her what kind of hair style she wanted and she said,”a little trim will do the trick!”” but the lady asked her to take her headphones off butt the blond said no. so the barber waited until she fell asleep then she could tke the headphones off and trim her hair. when she took her headphones off


There is a blonde, a brenete, and a red head stranded on an island. There is twenty miles back to shore. The red head says “I’m going to go for it!!”” She swam 5 miles and drounds. The brenete goes and gets 10 miles and drounds. The blonde goes 19 miles

You got mail

A neighbor of a blonde was washing his car. Then he noticed his neighbor coming out and checking her mail every 5 minutes. I am going to see what she is doing, he said to himself. Finally she came out again, looking very mad. “You must be expecting an important letter.”” he said. “”No