I can fly

Three men were on top of the empire state building. The first man’s name was Clark the second man’s name was Joey and the thirds name was Jo Momma. Joey was drunk so Clark decided to play a little joke on him. Clark said,” Yo Joey if u jumped of this building tbe air would bring u rite back up!”” So Joey said

Retarded boy

once upon a time their was a boy named jason.Everyone called him retarded because he acted retarted.They went to the zoo and the first thing they went to go see was the sharks.One boy said” what is that with the sharp teeth””

2 boys & a cathlic school!

There were two little mistief boys who were always in trouble in school. One day they took it too far and got thrown out of that school and into a cathlic school, they were constantly in trouble there too. Until oneday, they were called up to the head nun’s office and given a lecture. One of them got let home while the other was kept in school. The head nun asked the boy, “where is God?”” The boy replied

The Alphabet

There was a boy who had just learned his ABC’s and couldn’t wait to present them to his class. When he went to school he presented. He sang, “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO_QRSTUVWXYZ.”” Then the teacher said

Know I know my ABC’s…

There was a little kid who needed to learn the ABC’s for homework. He went to his big sister who was talking on the phone. “What’s the first letter of the alphabet?”” “”Shutup!””
Next he went to his older brother who was in the bathroom. “”What’s the second letter of the alphabet?”” “”Down the toliet

Morgan’s night

Well, Morgan came home one night. She was 16 at this time. She found her old friend, Joey lying in her bed, with his shirt off. He turned his head and spotted Morgan! Morgan Clark walked over to him and asked,” Joey””? “”YEAH


This guy walks in a bar and he was wasted. He stumbled up to the bartender and asks in the most serious of voices, Does “BUD”” REALLY make you “”WEISER””???

The bartender quietly leans over the bar and says to the man “”Obviously Not