L and R

A mother was buying her daughter a pair of shoes and whilst trying them on, the daughter asks, “Why have they got L and R on them?”

Her mother replied, “So you know which feet to put them on.”

Her daughter then says, “Is that why I have C and A written on my knickers?”

Submitted by Calamjo
Edited by Curtis

The three maskitoes

ther were three bugs one went in to a dark tunnel it got dark and scary it started to rain and thunder and a log hit the bug. then it all cleared up. you know what the rain was (pea) know what the thunder was (farts) know what the log was (shit) the bug said I want the fuck out of this damn place.

What a Chicken Gives

The Teacher asked, “All right children, who can tell me what a chicken gives?”Mary answered, “A chicken gives eggs!”The Teacher then asked, “Now who can tell me what a goat gives?”And Paul answered, “A goat gives goat milk!” And finally the Teacher asked, “Well now, who can tell me what the cow gives?”And Little Johnny replied, “Fucking homework and tests!”